Our modern and world-class infrastructure unit is located in FOSHAN, GUANGDONG and boasts of having the latest machinery and technology in order to help us manufacture an impeccable product range.

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Lubrication backup board


automatic melamine lamination hot press machine/short cycle lamination press machine


Our products are manufactured in compliance with industrial quality standards using highly qualitative raw materials

  • Lubrication backup board

    Lubrication backup board

  • white melamine

    white melamine

  • titanium white

    titanium white

  • Lubrication melamine paper

    Lubrication melamine paper

  • MDF


  • 2.5mm HDF

    2.5mm HDF


Our products undergo stringent checks on their quality prior to dispatch to ensure optimum client satisfaction

why us

We are among the leading firms engaged in offering a quality PCB backup board /melamine backup board at budget-friendly market prices. These are manufactured using premium quality raw materials as per the existing industrial standards of quality. Factors that have given us an edge over other competitor firms are:

  • ● High quality material
  • ● Stringent quality inspection
  • ● Timely delivery
  • ● Quick and easy export
  • ● Competitive prices
  • ● Easy transaction manner

Aluminium Entry plate for PCB drill

High density pcb drill exit board

  • Composition

     Aluminium Entry plate for PCB drill

    entry sheets are produced with state-of-the-art gear which matches international requirements. Tight thickness tolerance, flatness, dimensional precision and grease-free surface area and hardness ideal for burr-totally free drilling needed in the produce of PCB are ensured.

    Constant upgrades and process improvement allow all of us to keep pace with the demands of its ever-growing client's requirement


  • Description


     Aluminium Entry plate for PCB Specification


    1092 1041 940
    43" 41" 37"



    Squareness (mm)
























  • Product Advantage

    Aluminium Entry plate for PCB Advantages

    1. Aluminium Drill Entry Sheet can protect the circuit board against scrapes and pressing marks.

    2. Aluminium Drill Entry Sheet enhances the nicety amount of the drilling placement. It creates the drilling have assistance to ensure that the drill functions  without deflection.

    3. It significantly lengthens the life span of the drill little bit. Its particular alloy composition will keep the cleanness and the cooling of the drill little bit. Whats more, it really is an excellent conductor of warmth so it helps prevent overheating of the drill little bit and it can prevent the oxidation of the top.

  • Composition

    High density pcb drill exit board is a high density wood fibreboard with no added resin, ideally suited as an exit material for drilling and routing single sided, double sided and multilayer printed circuit boards.

  • Description

    Thickness and Tolerance 2.5 +/-0.2mm
    Density >980 Kg/m3
    Bending Strength >45 N/mm2
    Warpage <1 mm/m across the diagonal Delivery Specification
    High density pcb drill exit board is supplied in cut panels and position hole to customer requirements

  • Product Advantage

    • Excellent flatness and thickness tolerance
    • Homogeneous high density core provides for good cleaning and cooling of the drill bit
    • offers a uniformly smooth surface providing good face to face contact with the PCB giving good burr control through a wide range of drill diameters
    • Can be ‘flipped’ and used on both sides, maximizing utilization and material yield

Properties Units Requirement
Density G/cm2 ≥980
Hardness HD 80±5
Bending Srtength MPa ≥23
Modulus of Elasticity MPa ≥2700
Internal bond MPa ≥0.55
Water Absorption % ≤2
Moisture Content % ≤13
Dimensional Stability
Length Direction ≤0.5
Width Direction % ≥950
Thickness Direction ≤0.5
emission of Formaldenhyde ≤0.5
(Desiccator Method) MGL ≤1.5

Sample:You can pick up PCB BACKUP BOARD Samples here! If you are interested in any of SIZE , click it and get samples right away!samples are FREE, and we only charge discount Door to door courier by international express (such as: DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx etc..) based on the weight of the samples you choose.


As manufacturer direct sales, yueshan backup board sells with big price advantage, the price we offered are truly based on production cost but not from any distributors or vendors. Even some well-known online companies are actually reseller of China factory products, so why do not work with yueshan to save more ?

Notice below backup board price is for your reference only, which could be up and down from time to time due to raw material cost fluctuation in the market. Our MOQ shipping is 1*20GP, smaller quantity order will surely make the unit price increase a little bit. Some special CUT requirement for our job has to be negotiated before order.


white pcb a shteets
hdf with white melamine foil double sided,density:
980+-30 kg/m3.
th.:2.0/2,50 mm +-0.15 mm.
Surafce:hardness 80+-5HD.
material totally straight,not curved,according to
send samples.
Packing:(packed 200 pcs/pallet)

Size in mm Packing in pcs/pellet FOB price in USD/pcs
1245x1092 200 2.770
1245x1040 200 2.660
1245x939 200 2.440
455.5x608.5 800 0.663
460x610 800 0.663
508x610 800 0.71
535x610 800 0.729

All prices are valid for minimum order of 1 containers and FOB Guangzhou port.there's also other density,hardness, thickness backup panel for enquiries

exchange rate :1:6.8-7.0.if it go up or down exceed 2%,price will be adjusted accordingly

WARNING:he quality pcb backup board,inner core is HDF it uses special melamine ,resin ,with superior hardness 80 +-5HD , totally straight, not curved. Flat, hard surface provides the minimization of burring, Due to good hole quality, when drilled, the inner wall -of the hall is less contaminated and suitable for -precise drill. Due to minimizing Burr and Smear, good in soft and -hard board. * Economically reducing the drill bit wear out .Many backup board distributors are misleading customers with lower priced softer wood lower hardness and density, As professional manufacturer , export to many well-known brand name in this industry, we suggest you checking our samples carefully and compare them with other vendors 'sample regarding the hardness, density & burring minimization, formaldehyde to ensure what you buy is worthwhile



(37”,41”43”)*49 size ,one pallet with 200pcs and 24 pallets in 1*20GP container.

The Forklift carries pallets one by one, and then the pallets are loaded in the container in a row skillfully.
Packaged cartoon boxes are neatly stacked on export pallets with all corner and sides well protected.
When the container is filled with pallets, close the door and seal the container. Write and remember the Seal No. and Container No.. Finally the lorry will take the container to the specified port.

pcb backup board
pcb backup board pcb backup board